Saturday, February 16, 2013

Last Chance Canyon & Burro Schmidt Tunnel

One day trip through Last Chance Canyon and a visit to the Burro Schmidt Tunnel.  Thanks to Nathan for leading the trip. I had never gone to either place so I was eager to make the trip.

We started off meeting at Jawbone Station and soon took off at 10 a.m.  We got to the entrance of the trail and started to air down.

Soon, we were off to the trails.  The canyon was beautiful and the weather was great.

Nathan guiding and teaching the basics of off-road and maneuvering through rocky terrain.

 Everyone who wanted to learn and give it a try got a chance to go.

 We went at a nice slow pace enjoying the scenery.

 We made a lot of stops in the beginning so that we can all practice.

The bulk of the canyon portion was about 1 to 2 miles, I think.

More guidance from Nathan.

The wonderful weather really added to the colorful rock formation.

All the vehicles had no problems with the up hill. I still get nervous going up steep inclines when I can't see where I'm going.

The Schmidt Tunnel. You have to give credit to the guy who single-handedly dug this tunnel.  This thing stretches out about 1/2 a mile!

Taking a break on the other side of the tunnel.

Aired back up and ready to head home.  I didn't get a chance to go out to dinner with the guys because I was so sleepy from the previous nights of sleeping late, but the trip was fun and well worth the drive.

For the rest of the photos, Click HERE.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trabuco Canyon

Thanks to Andy for organizing another run.  Had never been to Trabuco Canyon, but have been eager to check the place out.  Will definitely be going back for some more challenging trails and to do some more exploring.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Main Divide

Rode Main Divide with Linda.  David came along with his Land Cruiser.  Switching vehicles every so often, I realized how planted the Land Cruiser feels, even at speed.  My 4Runner slid around a bit during fast turns while the Land Cruiser never felt unpredictable.  We were riding along with the guys from SCORE Meet-up group, but we were late so we had to play catchup, which was not difficult with the speed David wanted go.  Once we caught up, we went on ahead.  Got to the other side in Corona on the Main Divide to discover that my key no longer works.  Locks were changed out and keys are not only going to residents.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Seasoning the wok

Got my new wok (again). I don't think I ever season these things well. After reading several articles and watching YouTube vids, it never comes out like the videos I watch.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Oakley 4Runner

Went to Oakley's corporate office to get another set of Radar glasses and saw a 4th gen 4Runner on display in the front. I traded in a pair of Oakley glasses I got back in 1987 for $60.  They gave me 25% off toward my new glasses which means I got $50 off.  That means the old pair only cost me $10 after what.... almost 26 years? Hahaha.